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The Unrestroom

15-minute devised play

TASIS The American International School in England

Diana Benefit Concert, February 2018

Inspired by the old-hat question, "why do girls go to the bathroom together?", THE UNRESTROOM takes place in various private and public bathrooms to explore the unique intimacy and privacy of female friendships. It myth-busts patriarchal perceptions of femininity, normalizes menstruation and body hair, and shines a light on the realities of depression, academic stress, body insecurity, and sexual assault that teens face. 

THE UNRESTROOM was presented at the annual Diana Benefit Concert, one of the largest student-run events organized by the TASIS World Issues Society (TWIS). All proceeds go to the Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Award for Inspirational Young People (est. 1999), which is awarded to students who demonstrate an outstanding commitment to community service, and which is funded entirely by donations.

A high-angle view of 5 young women sitting on the edge of a stage facing an audience of teenage students, parents, and teachers. The talkback after the performance of The Unrestroom.

Devised & performed by Karina Patel, Anenwojo Omagu, Kamila Lagraba, Dami Fagbemi, Lily Blaisdell Hamilton, & Sabrina Zanello Jackson

Intimacy Choreography - Lily Blaisdell Hamilton & Sabrina Zanello Jackson

Process Documentarian - Dami Fagbemi

Lighting Design - Sabrina Zanello Jackson

Sound Design - Karina Patel

Media Design - Kamila Lagraba

Light Board Operator - Annabel Tan

Sound Board Operator - Anenwojo Omagu

Projections Board Operator - Dami Fagbemi

Photography - Madeleine Boyd

After the performance, we held a talkback with the audience, which yielded an intimate and honest dialogue between students, teachers, and parents of all genders (see image above). We were then invited to regular private meetings with the Head of School to continue exploring how to address the issues of mental health and sexual assault in the Upper School. 

The Unrestroom

The Unrestroom

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Video by Nicola Holdaway

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