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3-minute tap performance

Carnegie Mellon School of Drama, January 2020

Dance/Light 2020

"Women!" was a short dance piece created as part of Carnegie Mellon's annual dance festival, DANCE/LIGHT. This contemporary tap number follows five women out for a night on the town. I wanted to explore how anger manifests in the femme body and how we can transform anger into confidence in performance. At the same time, this piece is a simple rediscovery of joy. With fast-paced footwork and angular formations, this piece is dynamic, energetic, and infectiously tip-tap happy.

5 femmes in glittery nightwear and black tap shoes make a dramatic and playful "gasp" gesture.

"Woman" by Ke$ha

Choreographed by Sabrina Zanello Jackson

Costume Design - Alexa James-Cardenas

Lighting Design - Matthew J. Weisgable

Stage Manager – Ally Hasselback

Asst. Choreographer - Juju Nieto


Julia Levine

Morgan Boyd

Megan Naji

Lucy Murphy

Sabrina Zanello Jackson

Photography - Louis Stein

Dress Rehearsal Video Footage: Matthew J. Weisgable

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