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new full-length coming-of-age musical

Carnegie Mellon School of Drama, December 2019

Playground Festival of Independent Student Work XVII

"At age five, Shaylee's mother went missing. At age eighteen, Shaylee is now applying to college to be a songwriter, attempting to create a new life free of any connection to her traumas. While in the midst of preparing for auditions, she unsuspectedly gets sucked into the world of her memories. Set in Oregon, this story tells us to never forget where we've come from or where we're going and to face the challenges our own mental health may present."

Show poster. A teenage girl faces away, looking at a run-down house across a clearing in the Oregon pine forest.

Book/Music/Lyrics - Joe Young

Director - Emma Cordray

Dramaturgy - Sabrina Zanello Jackson


Music Director - Josh Fried

Sound Design & Mixing - Rachel Kolb

Lighting Design - Alex Talbot

Stage Manager - Ella Rosenblum

Asst. Stage Manager - Elena Keogh


SHAYLEE - Bryanna Felipe

ARIEL - Carolyn O'Brien

ERIC - Daniel Bittner

KATE - Hannah Cornish

DAN - Patrick Davis

Musicians - Ruiran Xun, Emilie Guermeur, Elaina Mosher, Samuel Rainey

Photography - Louis Stein

This project involved a blend of new play and production dramaturgy. As the dramaturg for this new musical, I helped the playwright-composer develop this story for two and a half years. I supported workshops, a concert reading, and music demos. Above is a poster I designed for the concert reading staged at CMU's Playground Festival in 2019.

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