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new full-length language play; virtual

National Women's Theatre Festival, July 2021

"THEATRE: A LOVE STORY by Caridad Svich is a love letter, a party, a reckoning, and a celebration of the human connection that defines live theatre. In this virtual promenade-style production, the audience will hop links to each new section of the play, following the story through digital space!


THEATRE: A LOVE STORY pushes the question of “what is theatre” to the brink—and maybe illuminates new horizons. It's about breaking up—and making up—with theatre. It's underscored with cries of grief and demands for accountability—from climate change, to racism, to the avoidable tragedy of the Grenfell Tower fire (an apartment building fire in London, England, that killed 72 people). It asks why are things (theatre; the world) like this? Is there a better way? Is there hope? We think there is. That's why we're doing this play. That's why we make theatre."

Show poster. A smartphone with abstract pink lines and text messages on-screen. July 17, 18, & 23.

Written by Caridad Svich

Directors - Andrea Heilman, Emily Grimany, Le'ianna Nicole, Michèle Carter-Cram, Saffron Quinn, Serena Norr, Shira Helena Gitlin, Sienna Serrano, Summer Session, & Abby Davis

Performers - Claudia Warga-Dean, Gabrielle A. Woods, Laura Blankenship, Monique C. Aldred, Natalie Farrell, Savannah Miller, Shaina Levison, & Sherilynn Cherry

Livestream Design & Production - Ana Radulescu, Ariel Gray, Carol Machuca, Erin Farmer-Perrine, Kiersten White, Kylie Fletcher, Mikki Marvel, & Keyanna Alexander

Program Administrator & Directing Faculty - Rowen Haigh

Assistant Producer & Caption Builder - Sabrina Zanello Jackson

Production Stage Manager - Zoe Lesser

Caption Runner - Jemma Kepner

Photography - All photos are screenshots of recordings captured by production team.

Livestream Design & Production Faculty - Keyanna Alexander & Mikki Marvel

Performance Faculty - JaMeeka Holloway & Juliana Valente

This virtual production was presented by WTFringe Lab, a training and development program for early-stage artists, as part of NWTF's 6th annual international fringe festival. Each scene was staged by a different team of Fringe Lab directors, performers, and live-stream producers. As the Assistant Producer of Theatre: A Love Story, I supported the director of the WTFringe Lab by building open captions, advertising the performances via social media, communicating with the playwright, and handling the storage of show footage. In the gallery above is a teaser trailer that I created from dress rehearsal footage. Below is a link to the Facebook event, where I posted my original marketing assets ahead of the performances.

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