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a day

new full-length play with music; virtual

Carnegie Mellon School of Drama, May 2021

"How we spend our days is, in fact, how we spend our lives."

"Hour by hour, Alfonso, Nico, Harris, and Debs move through a day. The play shuttles, like a microscope, between different ways of experiencing reality as it examines four manifestations of existential crisis: through the characters’ banal daily interactions with the outside world, their inner life as narrated by the other three characters, and a third metaphysical space in which they are aware of their participation, and agency, in something called “a day.” This weird, funny, tender play explores the feeling that life is a strange amalgamation of the movies we watch, the clothes we buy, and the food we consume, while toying with the possibility that each of these fragile characters is just an aspect of one, singular person."

Show poster in green. A bird's-eye view of two hands holding a coffee cup and saucer. Inside the cup is the image of a man peering out a window. Show dates April 28 to May 1.

Written by Gabrielle Chapdelaine

Translated from Quebecois by Josephine George 

Directed by Anne Cecelia DeMelo

Dramaturgy by Sabrina Zanello Jackson

Scenic Design - Rosie Villano 
Costume Design - Julie Scharf
Lighting Design - Willem Hinternhoff
Sound Design/Composition - Kyle Leve
Media/Production Design - Davine Byon 
Media Engineer - Matthias Neckermann

Production Management - JuanCarlos Contreras

Stage Management - Annika Evens​


NICO - Emily Chang

DEBS - Cassiel Eatock-Winnick

HARRIS - Jackson Eick

ALFONSO - Anthony Saldaña

Asst. Dramaturg - Liggera Edmonds-Allen

Asst. Scene Designer - Cecilia Shin

Asst. Costume Designer - Mitchell Jacobs

Asst. Media Designer - Qixin Zhang 

Asst. Media Engineer - Miranda Kelly

Asst. Production Manager - Madison Gold

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