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new one-act musical

Carnegie Mellon School of Drama, January 2019

Playground Festival of Independent Student Work XVI

"Eileen travels to Paris to attend a highly-selective composition festival. Here, she meets people from all across the world that are reflective of different races, cultures, ideologies, genders, and nations. Though she is immersed in a unique, diverse community of people, each and every character is connected by sharing the same passion: writing music. Through creative struggles, dark secrets coming to light, and the emergence of life-long friendships, Eileen's perspective on the world is completely altered; her life forever changed."

This new musical was staged in 10 hours for CMU's annual festival of student work.

Light-blue advertizement poster. In the top left corner, an illustration of the planet Earth melted and spilling out of a yellow suitcase. The title, A World Note So Wide, is in white text at the center. Small text near the bottom reads, February 2, 2019. 4 P.M. Helen Wayne Rauh Studio Theatre. Playground XVI. Music by Matthew R. Zwiebel, Book by Katie Sabel, Designed by Richard Zhou. Free Admission.

Book by Katie Sabel

Music & Lyrics by Matthew Zwiebel

Directed by Samantha Toy Ozeas

Asst. Director - Jacob Musgrove

Dramaturgy - Sabrina Zanello Jackson

Choreography - Cassiel Eatock-Winnik

Set & Costume Design - Briana Green & Davine Byon

Lighting Design - Kenny Cohen

Stage Management - Annika Evens


LUQMAN - Laughton Royce Berry

SOFIA - Cassiel Eatock-Winnik

MARIE - Hannah Cornish

IVAN - Joshua Isaiah Foster

EILEEN - Sunday Manisto-Saari

BRIDGET - Riley Noland

EOGHAN - Atticus Shaindlin

MIKA - Nicklaus Smith

Piano - Matthew Zwiebel

Percussion - Josiah Handelman

Poster Design - Richard Zhou

Photography - Iana Dobreva

Video Footage by Matthew Zwiebel

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