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The 39 Steps

full-length noir spoof

TASIS The American International School in England

November 2017

"A hilarious Hitchcock-inspired humdinger of a show with over 150 characters, THE 39 STEPS, was performed and produced by 20 rather spiffing Upper School students. The place? London. The year? 1935. The man? Richard Hannay, wearer of tweed and smoker of gentlemen's pipes. The woman? Well, that's the problem really, has been for quite a while in fact, despite Richard presenting rather well, sporting a beautifully crafted pencil moustache, deep brown eyes and an utterly charming personality. Finding love's hard enough, let alone when you're trying to save the country and avoid a mysterious villain who is missing part of his little finger..."

Show poster. A man in a 1930s suit and trenchcoat looks shocked. Above him, a a hatted head is ominously silhouetted against window blinds. Shows November 2-3, 7pm.

Adapted by Patrick Barlow

Directed by Christopher Hawes

Asst. Director - Sabrina Zanello Jackson

Set & Lighting Design - Jayne McTaggart

Costume Design - Kay Harding

Stage Manager - Sophia Featherstone


RICHARD HANNAY - George Vordonarakis


PAMELA - Lily Blaisdell Hamilton

MARGARET - Karina Patel

CROFTER - John Christiansen

MR. MEMORY - Sam Cook


Ensemble - Jacob Byers, Sarah Haj Ibrahim, Olivia Hunt, Gabrielle Nicholls, Anenwojo Omagu, Sergio Sempere Santos, Denitsa Vassileva

Crew - Antonia Beiss, Sasha Belokon, Haley Miller, Alexander Pirvu

Photography - Alexander Pirvu

Trailer by Alexander Pirvu

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